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Follow-up Consultation Kidney Focus
  • 25 minute consultation
  • Location of choice (local Public Library System)
  • Review for changes nutrition assessment questionnaire
  • Collection of most recent diet history (including meals, snacks, beverages, etc)
  • Verification of any new dietary allergies / intolerance (lactose, dairy, nuts, etc)
  • Discussion of new dietary patterns / habits (eating 2 meals/day, "light dinners", etc)
  • Review of any new medications (including all over-the-counter, non-prescription, etc.)
  • Verification of honoring recommendations of hierarchy of medical care considerations
  • Support the importance of communication with healthcare team
  • Review definitions of kidney function(s)
  • Reassess knowledge of the stages of kidney functionality
  • Analyze most recent laboratory results (including nutritional implications)
  • Refresh of personalized meal plan ("in addition to" vs "instead of")
  • Question & Answer session
  • Schedule 6 month follow-up appointment
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